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We are a team of professionals, dedicated to improving the health of women and babies by expanding their options with innovative medical devices that provide significant clinical impact.

As far as the belt is reusable, it could be used by many patients in the way applied for the device designed for monitoring blood pressure and heartbeats. That is a win- win opportunity since a patient may save money (the rent fee will be lower than the device cost) while the medical clinics would have a chance to generate additional revenue by renting out the device.

The system will be offering directly to patient s who would afford the incurred expenses as well .

It is assumed to set up manufacturing facilities to produce belts given the strategy for the development of other medical system.

Smart Fetus Monitoring system

This pregnancy monitoring system integrates the reporting of fetal heart rate (FHR) into a portable patient wearable device. System solutions include interface to existing hospital central monitoring hardware and cloud access for home monitoring applications.

How Smart Fetus monitoring System works

Clinicians must closely monitor heart rate in both mother and child during labor and delivery. Unfortunately, at times there may be confusion between the two pulses, creating a situation in which clinicians don’t realize they are no longer monitoring the baby’s heart.

Smart fetus monitoring system measures maternal pulse without additional sensors, electrodes and cables.


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