Smart Fetus Monitoring System

Monitoring the Fetal Heart Rate (FHR) can prevent many fetal complications, pathologies and unfavorable deliveries. However, currently used Cardiotocographic exams can only be performed from time to time, in hospitals and clinics, and they are very costly.

Fetal monitoring during pregnancy is extremely important to identify risky conditions for the fetus

 Our solution is a wearable integrated system for everyday fetal monitoring during the last weeks of pregnancy for pregnant women with the high -risk conditions .

What We Do

We propose a radical innovative solution presented by a wearable integrated system allowing to monitor the fetus heart rate on continuous basis and transmitting data in real time to cloud platform accessible to a doctor office . The pregnant women wear a
belt with sensors which are collect ing and transfer ring data to the healthcare provider’s portal through a cloud platform.

The app remotely accesses high performance hardware and uses advanced algorithms to analyze data received from sensor s. That data provides a live tracking the fetus health required for the following constant support which is vital to prevent complications, especially throughout the last weeks of pregnancy.

It will be recommended to patients by healthcare providers

Internet connection is needed

The device is transferred via Wi -Fi

 It is reusable

Meet Our Team

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Hiva Saffar

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